Patients Feedback

HRN made my stay a joy.

I would like to thank the HRN team for their attention during my recent, extended stay at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

I listened to HRN every evening when the requests were on, I was able to have my own requests played on quite a few occasions and that really did cheer me up.

Not only did they get my requests 'Spot On' but they also did it in a professional manner which, considering these are all volunteers surprised me somewhat - my hat is off to the entire team.

I will, and do spread the word about Hospital Radio Norwich to everybody I know - long may it continue.. you certainly have my full support. what a great service :)


Graham E.

Its so exciting having your record played

A staf member of Kilverstone came up to us and said that a patioent had told her that we had just played her record and mention her name " It made me so excited"

We at HRN always like to cheer people up

Cheer Someone Up Today!

Mary on Denton ward said

"I have had a really bad & hard day and your visit has cheered me up and I am now looking forward to hearing my record - Thankyou"

Thanks to all blood donors

"I would like to thank all blood donors everywhere especially the person that helped save her life and also the nurse she met  who had just got his bronze award from the National Blood Transfusion Service. "

She dedicated the record Strangers In The Night by Frank Sinatra

Thank you for the music

During my stay in hospital l listened to some great music which helped me relax and get me through the night. One time during the early hours I could imagine all the different instruments playing in an orchestra but have no idea which instrumental it was. This was in the early hours of either 22nd or 23rd December for which you kindly sent me the Play List. Hospital Radio really did help me through such a traumatic time and especially at times keeping my legs and feet moving to the music whilst confined to my bed. Keep up the good work and many thanks..