Studio 1

This is a picture of studio one taken in October 2010

This is our main mixer an Alice Air 2000  the heart of the studio  taking all the sound sources such as cds minidiscs microphones etc to mix them just like you do to make a sponge cake except we make a radio station. when we bought this unit many years ago now, it was the premiere broadcast mixer and has served HRN extremely well. and enables us to make high quality programmes. Also since moving into our new studios(October 2010) we are now able to use the 'record bus' this enables us to record say an interview whilst a record is playing - a very useful feature.


This is the CD pod which holds 2 CD players and 1 CD recorder.  the CD recorder is connected to the record bus for members to record interviews and archive programmes, although these days we are now looking towards the digital age and using computers

If you want to see all the equipment that is in the sudio go to our engineering pages where you can se our equipment photo gallery and an interactive block diagram of the studio, also information about our sustaining service which keeps us on the air when we are not there.